Welcome to the IMA 49th International Annual Conference

Welcome to South Africa!

For this IMA 49th International Annual Conference, IMA venture outside of Europe and into Africa for the very first time - and we are here to assist you.

Turners is IMA's destination management partner in South Africa, and we have all the local knowledge you need for your stay. We have been in the destination management business since 1994 and have earned a sound reputation taking care of thousands of delegates travelling to and within South Africa.

South Africa is a diverse and captivating country and is often described as the world in one country.
The combination of natural beauty, diverse cultures and history offer the traveller a unique and inspiring experience. South Africa is an exciting mix of developing and first-world cultures - our cities offer modern urban infrastructure. At the same time, a short trip can have the adventurous traveller exploring Africa, its wildlife, rugged landscapes, and some of the best beaches in the world. Add these together and you have one of the fastest-growing convention destinations in the world.

Please look at what we offer - accommodation, airport transfers, cultural and networking tours from half a day up to several days.

There are several fake websites claiming to offer conference and destination management services, please ensure that you use our trusted online registration and destination management services for bookings.