Welcome to the Twelfth International Symposium on Pollination

Dear pollination biologists, we are so sorry to have to postpone ISPXII once again. The number of people who registered for ISPXII 2022 is too few for a successful symposium. The main reasons appear to be:

  • COVID in that some people may or prefer not to travel.
  • The large number of congresses this year and people are prioritizing those close to home.
  • Finances in that flights are expensive and direct flights to South Africa are fewer than before COVID.
We do want as many people interested in pollination to meet in South Africa and in particular the South Western Cape Province that has a unique flora and suite of pollinators to go with it. Also Kirstenbosch is a beautiful botanic garden on the side of Table Mountain. The time for biologists to visit the SW Cape is in the Southern Hemisphere spring - around September.

Yours faithfully

Connal Eardley, the ISPXII Committee and Turners Conferences